Fake Doctors Notes for Real Emergencies

On occasion we all face a situations that require us take unexpected time off from work or school. Depending on your company or educational institutions policy, you may be required to provide a doctor’s note if you miss time from work.

In tough economic times, many employers have instituted stricter policies regarding the requirement of a doctors note. Just two years ago, my employer required a doctor’s note after an employee missed five consecutive days of work; they now require one after missing just two days work.

Recently, I had a close friend who was going through a messy divorce and he needed me to help him move his belongings out of the house on the fly. My employer required a week’s notice to take time off from work if it was not an illness or family emergency. I hated to do it, but I went to bestfakedoctornotes.com, downloaded their doctors note package and printed off an excuse.

It took some time to decide which site to use since there are many places you can get free fake notes from, but I thought that would be too easy for my employer to find with a simple web search. I chose the one I did because I had a co-worker that used one of their templates to get more bathroom breaks. Where we work, they track how many times you sign off your computer workstation and use the restroom. My friend kept getting in trouble for taking too many breaks and so he used a note that looked like it came from a urologist that stated he needed additional bathroom breaks. The best site I have seen is doctorsexcuses.weebly.com.

The notes also came in handy when I needed a note for my son to get out of school so we could leave town for a long weekend. I did not want him to have an unexcused absence on his school record, so the package of notes came in handy and it was simple to edit.

Like anything, you cannot use the doctors notes too much, but for the occasional emergency, it is nice to have a bunch of different options. Moreover, I know my employer would not pay to download the package just to see if I was passing a fake note.